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Title IX

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Title IX

HACC is committed to diversity and equal employment/education opportunity. We comply with Title IX. This is a federal civil rights law. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in federally-financed education programs.

HACC protects and supports the 1972 Educational Amendments of Title IX. We work to:

  • Promote equity in academic and athletic programs.
  • Prevent hostile environments on the basis of sex.
  • Prohibit sexual harassment and sexual violence.
  • Protect from retaliation and remedy the effects of other gender-based forms of discrimination.
  • Investigate and notify the college community of serious or ongoing threats. We work to prevent a recurrence.


How do I file a sex discrimination complaint?

To file a sex discrimination complaint, you can contact:


How can I learn more about Title IX?

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Who can I contact for more information on Title IX issues?