Future students

Registering for Classes FAQs


What days are my classes?

Most classes meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Other classes meet Tuesday and Thursday. We offer evening classes that meet one night a week. Students can also enroll in weekend classes.


When does the term begin?

Class start dates depend on semester. Late start and evening classes begin later. Remember: your student schedule will provide the exact time and date of your first class.

Follow the general timeline:

  • Fall classes begin in August
  • Spring classes begin in January
  • Summer classes begin in May


What are the abbreviations on my schedule?

You will notice different abbreviations on your student schedule. Each letter signifies the day of your class:

  • M= Monday
  • T= Tuesday
  • W= Wednesday
  • R= Thursday
  • F= Friday
  • S= Saturday
  • U= Sunday

If your schedule lists TR, your course meets on Tuesday and Thursday.


How long are my classes?

HACC determines class length based on number of credits. 3 credit classes can meet on MWF or TR throughout a Fall or Spring term. A MWF class typically meets for 50 minutes each day. A 3-credit TR class normally meets for 1 hour and 15 minutes. A typical Fall or Spring term lasts 15 weeks.

Classes with fewer or more credits will meet accordingly.


Where and when do I go to class?

You will receive a printout of your class schedule. Your printout will list the days, times and locations of your classes. You will also find your starting date.


What is my GPA?

GPA stands for grade point average. It is important to keep track of your GPA. Calculate your GPA by dividing quality points by your credit hours. You receive quality points based on your grades from completed courses.

If you have an A in a 3-credit course, you receive 4 quality points per credit. Divide 12 (quality points) by 3 (credits) to equal a 4.00 GPA.

HACC bases quality points on grades:

  • A= 4 per credit
  • B= 3 per credit
  • C= 2 per credit
  • D= 1 per credit
  • F= 0


How do I find my mid-term and final grades?

You can find your final grades through HACCWeb. Go to http//www.hacc.edu and select HACCWeb. Remember your User ID and PIN. You created these login credentials at the New Student Advising & Registration Session.


What does full-time mean?

HACC classifies students who are taking at least 12 credits as full-time students.


When do I need to see my advisor?

Students may need their advisor's signature to register for classes. You must enter an advisor code when registering through HACCWeb. Ask for your advisor's code when meeting to schedule classes.