Future students

Choosing Classes


HACC offers multiple course options. Students are responsible for creating their class schedule. Learn about course types and registration requirements.


How do I build my schedule?

  1. Consider each course's credits. Students receive 3 credits from typical classes. HACC may assign 4 or more credits to courses in certain subject areas. These subject areas include science, math or foreign languages. Physical education courses may only offer 1 or 2 credits.
  2. Choose full-time or part-time status. Full-time students take 12 credits or more per term. This equates to approximately 4 or more courses. Part-time students take 11 credits or less per term. This equates to less than 4 courses.
  3. Create your class schedule. Search HACC's class schedule for course options.


What types of courses are there?

Learn about two types of courses:

  • Developmental Level Courses - HACC designs developmental level courses for students who need to prepare for college-level work. Developmental courses offer pre-requisites for more advanced college-level courses. These do not count towards graduation requirements. They cannot transfer.
  • Foundational Studies Courses - HACC designs foundational studies courses to help students determine career goals. Students benefit from small class sizes. You can apply these credits towards your Associate's degree. They can serve as elective credits.

HACC offers other courses to meet every student's career goals.


How do I register?

Review the Frequently Asked Questions for Registration page before registering. Contact the Registrar's Office with other questions.

Understand the registration schedule and tuition due dates. View more details on the schedule.

Reference the Online HACCWeb Registration guide. You will learn about the online registration steps.


How do I take an online class?

There are steps to prepare for your online course:

  • Take an online course tour
  • Reference the Desire2Learn (D2L) for Student Orientation and Student Tutorials. You will learn how to use tools within the D2L interface.
  • Login to D2L. Select the D2L Student Orientation. It is located under the My Courses area. Find the Student Tutorials on the NavBar under Resources.

Contact the Online Classes Main Office at 717-221-1310. Staff can answer any additional questions.


Can I transfer to another college?

HACC works with many transfer institutions. This ensures that credits efficiently transfer from HACC.

There are two types of transfer options:

  • Transfer Agreements—Students with a HACC Associate's degree can join a transfer program at another institution.
  • Dual Admission Agreements —HACC partners with a 4-year institution. This is ideal for students pursuing their Bachelor's degree. Students can transfer without losing time or money. 

For more information visit Transferring from HACC.