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High School Documentation

High School Documentation for Student Access (formerly Disability) Services

Learn about ER and IEP High School documentation. HACC may require these forms of documentation for disability services.


Do I need to submit an ER or IEP?

An ER/IEP is not necessary if HACC receives your current psychological evaluation.


How old can my report be?

You must submit a report that was written during your sophomore, junior or senior year. A licensed professional should have administered your psychological evaluation within the past three years. HACC prefers this timeline.

We maintain all documentation with confidentiality.


What does my report need to include?

Your report must: 


  • Include aptitude testing information stating the specific test (e.g. Wechsler or Stanford). 
  • State the specific disability that qualifies you as a disabled student. For example, "this student meets the diagnostic criteria to be identified as learning disabled in the area(s) of mathematics, reading, written language, etc… according to the Pennsylvania State Special Education regulations." 
  • Include standardized achievement testing (e.g. Woodcock Johnson Psychoeducational Battery, WRAT, KTEA or PIAT). You must have taken these tests in your sophomore, junior or senior year. 
  • Describe the limits the disability imposes. It should describe the impact of the disability on a major life activity in an educational setting. 
  • State the specific recommendations for academic adjustments/accommodations. 
  • Provide your name, address and phone number. We will contact you after we review your documentation.