HACC Students

HACC Student Ambassador Program

HACC's Admissions Office sponsors the Student Ambassador Program. Learn more about the program below.


What is the HACC Ambassador Program?


The HACC Ambassador Program is a great opportunity for students. Ambassadors gain professional experience by building positive relationships with prospective students during the recruitment process. Student ambassadors have various duties:

  • Conduct campus tours
  • Represent HACC at recruitment events
  • Assist students and families during campus visits. Ambassadors help them navigate the campus and visit surrounding communities.
  • Provide prospective students with a glimpse of HACC student life
  • The program's mission is to maintain a creative, fun, open and honest environment for prospective students. This environment helps them view the positive academic and personal growth opportunities at HACC. The ambassador program prepares prospective students to be successful members of their community.

What are my duties?

  • HACC student ambassadors must:

    • Devote approximately 5-10 hours per week assisting different departments. Your supervisor chooses the departments.
    • Attend meetings on and off campus. HACC provides transportation.
    • Assist prospective students with the admission process.
    • Conduct campus tours.
    • Attend philanthropic events with the vice president.
    • Facilitate and participate on student panels.
    • Assist Admissions Counselors with events.
    • Assist with social media communications.

    What are the qualifications?

    You must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. You must attend HACC for one full semester before applying.


    What else do I need to know about the position?

    HACC student ambassadors possess and develop multiple skills. Some of your main functions include:

    • Creating effective relationships with students, staff, faculty and community members
    • Communicating clearly
    • Presenting relevant material at events
    • Organizing, analyzing and prioritizing work effectively
    • Accurately completing duties with an attention to detail
    • Giving and following instructions
    • Working independently and problem solving
    • Maintaining strict confidentiality
    • Using a computer, printer, fax machine and more
    • Using good, rational judgment in difficult situations
    • Encouraging teamwork

    Apply to become a Student Ambassador.

  • Contact:

  • Start@hacc.edu or contact your campus admission counselor