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Student Activities

Student Involvement at HACC

Welcome to Student Involvement.  Get involved in campus by joining a club or organization. Students who participate in clubs/organizations are usually more satisfied with their college experience. By getting involved, you have the opportunity to:

  • learn more about the HACC campus you are attending
  • meet a variety of people
  • develop leadership skills


Meet HACC's Student Involvement Team

Director, Student involvement

Wendy Brubaker
Assistant Director, Student Involvement
Room:  G131B
Telephone:  717-339-3536

Monica Dixon-Howard
Assistant Director, Student Involvement
Room:  RM105
Telephone:  717-358-2850

Cindy Strawbridge
Assistant Director, Student Involvement
Room:  YL134A
Telephone:  717-801-3255

Jennifer Jackson
Specialist, Student Involvement
Room:  C202
Telephone:  717-780-2525


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