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YOUR Student Government at HACC

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the leadership and advocacy group that represents students in HACC’s shared governance model. It is the governance body for students and the official agency for student representation at HACC. It is also the group responsible for overseeing student clubs.

Below are the answers to some commonly asked questions about the SGA. Please email SGA@hacc.edu for more information.

The purpose of the student government is to support the student experience for all students at HACC.

  • Ensures that HACC serves the interests and rights of all students
  • Provides students with a strong voice in the overall governance of HACC
  • Represents the entire student body
  • Works closely with all components of the HACC community including the administration, faculty and other internal stakeholder groups

The structure and purpose of the SGA is defined in more detail in the constitution and bylaws

President - Freedom May
Parliamentarian - Jazmyn Burheimer
Secretary - Mariah Mosesyan
VP of Finance/Treasurer - Asia Macklin
VP of DEI - Jason Reichman
VP of Student Concerns & Belonging - Tina Hayes
VP of Community Service - David Boatwright       
Lead Senator York - Amber Moskos
Lead Senator Lebanon - vacant
Lead Senator Lancaster - Kristin Kuhns
Lead Senator Harrisburg - Cianna Koser
Lead Senator Gettysburg - Rebecca Bingaman

YOUR SGA strives to be available to students through a variety of means throughout the academic year. Students can:

Please note that in our current environment of both on-campus and remote services, the SGA offices are open limited hours. Please email SGA@hacc.edu to schedule an appointment if you wish for someone to be there when you drop by.

Campuses Room Location
Gettysburg Room 131A
Lancaster Main – Room 105A
Lebanon Room 301A
Harrisburg Bruce E. Cooper Student Center – Room 203A
York William F. Goodling Center – Room Leader 156

If you are currently on campus and unable to locate our offices, please call the Public Safety and Security Department. The phone numbers for public safety at each of HACC’s five campuses are listed on the Department of Public Safety and Security webpage under, “Who can I call for public safety and security assistance?”

Student government supports students by advocating for students, allocating finances, overseeing student clubs and planning student events.
In the past, the SGA has undertaken projects such as:

  • Designing and distributing spirit items for the student community
  • Hosting forums to hear student concerns
  • Providing agenda books to all students free of charge
  • Sponsoring workshops, leadership programming and fun events, including HACC Fest

The particular activities of YOUR SGA vary per semester and year. Students can attend our weekly meetings for more details about the SGA’s projects for the current academic year. Current students can email SGA@hacc.edu for more information about our weekly meetings.

All current HACC students are welcomed to participate with student government. Students can: 

  • Attend a weekly student government meeting
  • Represent YOUR campus as a senator for the SGA
  • Take on a campus or collegewide leadership position
  • Volunteer on an SGA committee

Current students can email SGA@hacc.edu for more information about getting involved.

The composition of HACC clubs changes from year to year. Clubs are formed to support a variety of interests and passions, including:

  • Business
  • Culture and Society
  • Health Sciences
  • Math and Science
  • Religion
  • Social Sciences and Humanities

Current and prospective students can email SGA@hacc.edu for more information about getting involved.

The process of forming a new student club at HACC starts with finding five interested students and at least one HACC employee who is willing to act as an advisor to the group. Current students can email SGA@hacc.edu for more information.