Future students

Meet Bethany: Flourishing at HACC

“HACC has provided many opportunities for me to test my limits and regain the confidence that I had lost.”

Meet Tavian: Learning How to Fix Things on His Own

“HACC has made my life better by really giving me guidance into how I want to pursue my future.”

Meet Mikayla: Joining the Ranks of #WomenInTech

“HACC allowed me to find a drive to do my best so I can live my life and prosper.”

Meet Betsy: Full-Time Mother Who Found Positivity at HACC

“The ability to work, be a full-time mother and student is easier due to the cost and location.”

Meet Mary Grace: Alumna Who Gained Confidence at HACC

“HACC has given me countless opportunities for personal growth.”

Meet Naja: HACC Student Who Refuses to Quit

“This is the first time I started an education journey and did not give up.”

Meet Spring: Found Her Fit at HACC

“I can’t wait to see where I transfer to next with my knowledge from HACC.”


Meet Michael: Dual-Enrolled Student Ahead of the Game

“The common stigma of getting a bad education through a community college is completely false.”

Meet Jasmine: Future Licensed Counselor

“I chose HACC because it’s allowing me the opportunity to do great things.”

Meet Josh: HACC Alumnus Prepared for His Next Steps

“HACC showed me that you can get a degree, locally and at a great cost, which can prepare you for the future in more than one way.” 

Meet Katrina: Proud HACC Community Member

“HACC has the amazing ability to open doors you never knew existed.”

Meet Abby: Found Her True Passion at HACC

“HACC has allowed me to find my true passion in life!”

Meet Christie: Virtual Student with a Full-Time Job

“[HACC] has proven to me that I can succeed in college even when the odds are against me.”

Meet David: Advancing in a New Career

“HACC will make sure you will succeed. They have a support system that will not let you fail.”

Meet Johnny: Brewing Science Alumnus

“[HACC is] a great way for people to get a higher or continuing education at an affordable price without having to leave their community.”

Meet Quentin: Expressive Student Leader

“I don’t think a lot of people understand that HACC is ‘real’ and the classes are equally as difficult as they are at universities.” 

Meet Kevin: Mechanical Engineering Alum

“HACC has enabled me to make meaningful connections on and off campus that give me the potential to get a kick start on my future…”

Meet Rita: Accounting Student Who Can Manage it All

“Just the fact that I'm able to manage being a mom, full-time worker, and attending college says it all.”

Meet Stephanie: Juggles Two Jobs and School

“Every professor I have had so far has made me feel like their goal is to ensure my success.”

Meet Mariia: International Alumna

“As education is no longer perceived as a privilege, but an expectation, I think a lot of young students forget how lucky they are to be able to get a good-quality education in an American college.”

Meet Amaury: Impacting the World for Good

“…HACC meant opportunity, an opportunity for a better education, better friendships and a better lifestyle.” 

Meet Rebecca: A HACC Student who Came Back

“It’s taken me 10 years to find my true calling and seek to continue my education.” 

Meet Bachir: International Student from Niger

“I only knew a little English when I first arrived and now I'm getting ready to go on for my bachelor’s degree.” 

Meet Cassie: HACC Student Saving Thousands of Dollars

“After comparing many universities and colleges to this highly rated program, I not only am saving thousands of dollars but I am part of a prestigious community that cares about me and my future.” 

Meet Sean: Mechatronics Student who Landed a Full-Time Job

“It (HACC) has given me a good job and a better understanding of what I like as well as a new skill set.

Meet Megan: Future Medical School Student

“The administration, faculty, and staff are incredibly student-centered! I have received nothing less than 100% support while taking classes.”

Meet Kevin: Student who Returned to School with a New Heart

“It (HACC) has given me the opportunity to pursue my career in cardiovascular technology and to one day give back to the very community that saved my life.”