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Tuition Due Dates

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Note: You will not be able to register or view grades/ transcripts if you have outstanding obligations (e.g. debt, overdue books, parking fine, etc.) You must resolve the obligation before registration.

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Tuition Due in Full

* CHS (College in the High School) - Tuition Due in Full

May 4

Aug. 3

Oct. 14





Students may register for classes after the tuition deadline; however, tuition is due, in full, upon registration.
Certificate of Residence Due May 4  Aug. 3  TBD


If a Certificate of Residence is not on file with the College by the tuition payment due date, students will be charged the non-sponsoring rate until a valid Certificate of Residence is submitted to the College. 
Classes Dropped for Non-payment May 13 Aug. 19



Students who register and fail to meet the tuition payment deadline risk having their registration canceled. The published date is for the first non-payment drop. There are subsequent drops for non-payment throughout the semester.

Tuition Due Dates

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