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Placement Testing

At HACC, we want to ensure our students have the necessary skills to succeed in college-level courses. Through examination criteria and placement testing, our students can provide evidence of these skills . Placement testing provides HACC with the tools to help our students achieve their goals no matter where they are in their educational journey.

Do I need to take HACC placement test?

If a student meets any of the below criteria and the information is included on your HACC file, placement testing will NOT be needed. If the below information was NOT submitted with your admissions application, please send it to admissionsrecords@hacc.edu.

You do not need to take a math or English placement test if you have achieved one of the following grades/scores or higher. 

Math Exemption Criteria1 Minimum
English Exemption Criteria3 Minimum
High School Algebra II Grade B Transfer in Credits of
College-level Coursework
High School GPA2   
High school GPA is valid from mid-point of senior year or final

High School GPA**
High school GPA is valid at mid-point of junior year

SAT Math Score 530 SAT Evidence-based Reading & Writing (ERQ) or
Critical Reading Score
ACT Math Score 21 ACT Reading Score and
ACT English Score
General Equivalency Diploma Math Score (GED) 165 General Equivalency Diploma English Score (GED) 165
High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) Math 15 High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) Language Arts --Reading OR Writing 15
    PSAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing Score 450

1 Math scores must have been recorded within the past five years; eligible for MATH 100, 103, 104, 111, 113, 114 and 202
2 For Math, High School GPA is valid from half-way through senior year or final transcript
3 English scores must have been recorded within the past 10 years; eligible for ENGL 101

**High School GPA is valid at mid-point of junior year.

If you are exempt from math and English placement testing, you are eligible to enroll in college-level math and English courses.

What steps are needed if I need ESL placement tests?
If you are interested in studying English for Academic purposes (English as a Second Language (ESL) or English Language Learning (ELL)), and you want to schedule your ESL placement test, we have both on-campus and remote options.

To take your ESL Placement Test on a campus, go to https://www2.registerblast.com/hacc/Exam/List and choose the campus location where you  want to take it and in Step 2, choose "Placement Testing" and then ESL Placement Testing. 

To take the Accuplacer ESL placement test remotely, you must have a computer that meets Zoom technical requirements and strong internet connectivity. To schedule your remote ESL placement test, go to https://www2.registerblast.com/hacc/Exam/List and choose "HACC Remote Proctoring via Zoom." In step 2, "Choose a group," select the option HACC Remote Proctoring Placement Testing, and then choose ESL Placement Test.

Are there additional ESL placement options?
For exemptions using TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson PTE and Duolingo scores, please see the ESL page. https://www.hacc.edu/ProgramsandCourses/Programs/English-as-a-Second-Language.cfm

If you have questions about scheduling your ESL placement test,contact Elisa Cohen, escohen@hacc.edu.


I don’t meet the measures for math. I need to take math placement test. How do I do that?

New students who need Math placement testing will receive testing information in their New Student Orientation Next Steps email. For additional information or questions, students may contact orientation@hacc.edu


After I receive my math placement test results, how do I find out what math courses I need to take?

Math courses are determined by your desired major/program. Please speak with an advisor about your math pathway and course selection. Please view the ALEKS PPL Score Interpretation here. (pdf) 

Once you complete your math placement test please allow 48 hours for the scores to upload. Our advising office is here to help! Please see our hours and contact information by going to the advising office website.


Can I take the math placement test more than once?

Yes! You have access to take the math placement up to three times and you are encouraged to do so if you do not meet the required score on the first try.

If taking the test again, be sure to do some practice in between which will help to improve the score. It is recommended if taking the test for the second time, practice in the learning modules for at least three hours. To take the placement test a third time, practice for at least five hours.


Can I prepare for the math placement test?

Yes! To practice before taking the assessment, please visit  aleks.com/free_trial.


Do I have to take a math placement test for pre-calculus (MATH 119) and calculus (MATH 121) eligibility?

Yes. Multiple measures are not in place for eligibility for these courses. Students must take the math placement test and meet score criteria in order to be eligible for the course.

I don’t meet the measures for English. I need to take English placement test. How do I do that?

New students who need English placement testing will receive testing information in their New Student Orientation Next Steps email. For additional information or questions, students may contact orientation@hacc.edu


What is the reading assessment?

Student will read two short passages and answer 25 multiple choice questions.


How will I know my results after taking the English placement assessment?

You will receive an email with 24-48 business hours to your Hawkmail email with next step information.

Who do I ask about accommodations before I take the placement test?
If you require accommodations beyond extended time please contact Student Access Services before testing.

How can I prepare for and schedule the First Year Seminar credit by exam?
To inquire about the credit by exam, please contact the advising center.

To prepare for the exam, Introduction to the College Experience (Burns, Ogle, Valentine) - Social Sci LibreTexts

Where can I find information regarding the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)?
The ATI TEAS® was developed to evaluate the academic readiness of applicants to health career programs. Currently our dental hygieneRN and LPN programs require applicants to take the TEAS in order to apply for clinicals. Refer to program websites for complete admission criteria and minimum scores required.

Learn more about the TEAS test here. Includes link to the ATI website to register, remote proctoring, contact information, study groups and TEAS information sessions.