Future students

Campus Services and Resources

HACC provides multiple services for students. Our resources and services help students work towards success.

Learn about our resources, services and contact information:


The online bookstore provides official HACC textbooks and course supplies. The bookstore offers new and used textbook options. You can also buy official HACC insignia items. Find more information at your campus's contact page.

Career Services

Career Services help students navigate their college career. Visit Career Services to receive job information, choose a major and learn job readiness skills. 

Child Care

Your HACC campus location may provide child care services. Visit the Child Care site for more information.

Counseling & Advising

HACC encourages students to receive guidance and advisement. This will help you achieve your academic goals. Visit the Counseling & Advising centers for more information.

Disability Services

Disability Services can coordinate accommodations for students with documented disabilities. HACC promotes a supportive learning environment. We also encourage students to have independence.

Submit documentation of your disability to the Office for Disability Services. You can schedule a meeting at your campus's location to review accommodations.

Financial Services

PSECU offers services to HACC students – while attending HACC and afterward.

Testing and Tutoring
HACC students receive many academic support services on each campus.Testing and Tutoring provides tutoring services, testing services and workshops. Tutoring is also available in online forms.

Learn about Testing and Tutoring services:

Academic Affairs and Curriculum
Library —Each HACC campus provides library services. Students can access thousands of academic journals and books. We provide films and LibGuides for individual classes. Students can also receive library instruction and research support. Learn how to access library services online by visiting our Library Services and Resources area.


Military and Veteran Affairs Office

The Military and Veteran Affairs Office provides information about the G.I. Bill and veterans benefits. Visit Veteran Affairs for more information.

Transfer Services

HACC students have access to educational planning services. Transfer Services can also provide transfer information and dual admissions agreements. Visit Transfer Services for details.